Sorry and thank you...going for the Cube


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Hi guys,

thank you for all the replies to the other thread I posted, but today I went and had a look at a 19 inch Cube 500 Pro-2019 model and fell in love.
It has the Bosch performance series drive and the bigger tires(2.6) I'm looking for, and almost $1000 discount.It is still $1000 more than the Spark.
Seems like a sweet machine.The only thing that is lame is their display.I negotiated a rack too.
The owner has one with 9000 km on it.Incredible.
This one also has the 29 inch tires which kind of also pushed me towards it.Much smoother ride.It's also a mid drive of course.
I have it on hold for now but most likely going for it.
My last plan was to actually buy the Spark RX but it's sold out.Seemed like a great bike too.

Happy biking!


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Nothing to be sorry for, you got the bike you wanted now enjoy it. Cube is a quality bike I'm considering one myself. Enjoy your ride:)