Spare POWERTUBE for Delite 2020: switching that rubber cover?!!!


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Just removed the Powertube 500 from my brand new 2020 Delite Rohloff for the first time.

Hoping to find it had a removable rubber cover so I could get an aftermarket spare Powertube 500 for longer rides. I went for the single 500 Delite because I like the simplicity of the frame and to give me weight saving options for different ride types.

But sadly the R&M rubber cover looks mighty well fixed (permanent?) to the Powertube.

Has anyone ever managed to remove that cover from a Powertube and switch it between batteries?

Presuming the part is identical on all 2020 Delite, Superdelite (+ Mountain variants), Charger 3 and Superchargers.

Thanks, in anticipation.
My dealer in uk thought that R&M were selling the rubber covers to snap on to a new battery but they had to be ordered.......its worth making enquiries. I did manage to remove the cover from a broken battery by prising the rails open then sliding off then it was easy to clip on to the new battery. I was V lucky and nothing was broken in the process!!

Mike Owen

The Transport Cover is a dummy battery. I believe Mike is asking for the rubber cover that attaches to powertube directly. The part number is 200213, they retail for around $30USD, and in our experience they are not meant to be removable once they've been installed.

(edit: sorry for the massive images)

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Really really helpful post @JVBulman. Thanks so much for taking the time. The confirmation photos are great. Exactly the part required. Hope you’ve helped lots of other R&M fans too... those covers will fit an increasing large number of R&M models 👍


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That is excellent information!
I have done several searches for that part number and can’t seem to find a retailer who sells it?
Do you happen to know someone who does?
Also, I’m not sure if the power tube 625 is horizontal or vertical? Do you know if the rubber cover can fit either?

thank you!


There are different versions for each, here's a comparison between the two.

It may be hard to find a retailer because it's considered an OEM part rather than an aftermarket accessory and thus doesn't show up on the B2B. That said, any R&M dealer should be able to special order one for you.
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