Spark Bikes crank arm notice


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Dear Valued Customer,

For your safety, we highly recommend that you perform a quick check on the pedal arms (crank) and retightening them. Ensure that you tighten the bolt of the pedal arms (crank) at the recommended torque 38N.m. - 42N.m. Failing to do so may cause one of the components to detach.

Enclose a photo to clarify which bolt must be tightened.

Thank you in advance for your review and for being a preferred customer.

We wish you a joyful experience.

Spark Bikes Team

Just got the above email. Worth double checking.

I had an issue with the left crank on one of my two Spark Minis. While the other bike was fine, I had a local shop do all the crank arms, since I brought the one in to check that there wasn't an issue with the bottom bracket. They cleaned up the inside, re-applied Loctite and tightened to spec.

That was about 60km ago, and everything is okay.