Sparkbikes - SPARK 350W, 48V 13Ah, 26"x2.1" tires


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@PCDoctorUSA Yes, I placed the order online, and it got shipped the same day by Purolator. The bike arrived to my door in 8 days. Here is a picture of it inside my home:

I have 340 km (211 miles) on it already.


- Price: CAD$1,249 (less than US$1,000!) + CAD$99 shipping
- 48v x 10.4 Ah battery (500 Wh LG battery)
- non-proprietary battery Reention 65 cells (long version) (used on many other ebike brands)
- removable battery
- locking handlebar grips
- 3 amp charger with internal cooling fan!
- Shimano trigger shifters
- light weight (52 lbs including battery)
- 10 customizable assist levels (0-9); or you can select less if you want (0-5), (1-5), (0-3), etc.
- throttle on demand at any assist level, including PAS 0
- up to full power throttle at any assist level, including PAS 0
- short stand-over height (28 inches)
- small internal cadence sensor (no visible disc/magnets)
- standard diameter seat post
- internally routed cables
- power cut-off from both front and rear brakes
- 26 x 2.1 balloon tires for comfort
- adjustable pre-load suspension fork
- throttle only on flats = 32 kph (20 mph)
- maximum pedal assisted speed on flats = 40 kph (25 mph)
- zippy 350w Bafang motor (zippy despite being only 350w. Perhaps it peaks much higher?)
- quick release front wheels skew
- smooth welds in the top/down/head tube area (standard welds in other areas)
- Shimano 1 x 7 drivetrain, geared for street use and higher commuting speed
- stealthy: looks and ride like a regular bike. Nobody notices that it is an ebike. Blends in with other trail riders.
- owner responds to email same day, and has even called me directly on the phone to follow-up aftersale!
- the Kenda "Small Block Eight" tires are actually very good. Quiet and low rolling resistance.


- may be small for people over 6 feet tall
- no integrated lights (standard handlebar bike light is included)
- only mechanical brakes, but it is to be expected at this price.
- 26" wheel (both a pro and a con, depending on your height). Wheel actually measures closer to 27" with the balloon tires.
- no torque sensor (pedal cadence only)
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Barry S

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Thanks for all the details. Nice looking bike and you can't beat the price. Obviously very popular because both the Spark and Spark X are sold out.


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I'm in advertising/sales, and I'm "Tired of Peddling!" At least they edited it.

But this image on their homepage constitutes false advertising, IMO - there's no way a throttled 500W hub motor's propelling someone up an incline like this: :p

Barry S

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In the real estate industry, we would call that "puffing", but that's more like "huffing!" Is that even their bike? Note the water bottle mounted where the integrated battery should be. Sadly, there are some that believe this kind of advertising BS. I wouldn't even expect a 750W hub motor to do that climb.


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I'm in advertising/sales, and I'm "Tired of Peddling!" At least they edited it.

But this image on their homepage constitutes false advertising, IMO - there's no way a throttled 500W hub motor's propelling someone up an incline like this: :p
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That's crazy advertising. Some might be disappointed at the reality. Same rock (reversed) I believe, different Photoshop rider.



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Decent price but similar offerings from many other companies in terms of frame and components.

Barry S

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All it takes is Alibaba to have a Chinese factory make a "custom" brand of e-bike, or even just buy an off-the-shelf model and plaster whatever name on it, such as this Fat E-bike.
Gather together 20 of your friends who want this bike and you can get your own bulk shipment. Or here you can place a minimum order of 5. What's really scary is what they list for "Supply Ability": 1000 pcs per day!


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You posted: "maximum pedal assisted speed on flats = 40 kph (25 mph)".
Does that mean that you can cruise at 40 kph for long distance without killing your legs?
I am looking for an e-bike strong enough to maintain 40 kph with the effort normally needed to maintain ~24 kph on a non-assisted bike.
Is there any assist left between 40-45 kph?


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@Barry S I have around 1,600 km (1,000 miles) on my Sparkbike so far. Everything is working perfectly. No issue whatsoever. I recently noticed some creaking sounds from the rear when accelerating. I tightened a few rear spokes and fixed the issue easily.

@ian.val assists will cease at around 40 kph, but you can still pedal faster on your own with the stock gearing. However, pedaling beyond 40 kph without power is pretty ineffective (winds resistance, etc) unless on downhills.

I still love my Voltbike Yukon fatbike, but I have been riding this Sparkbike a lot more because it is so much more stealthy and agile. Even with my upgraded battery, my Sparkbike is still relatively lightweight at 52 lbs. The Yukon 750 is around 70 lbs!


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I have owned my 2018 Spark for 1.5 years (which is 2 full riding season). The battery is fine. In fact, I haven’t noticed any degradation. Mine is the upgraded 48V x13AH (not 10.4AH). I keep my bike indoors, so never subjected to any extreme heat or cold. I charge my battery once or twice during the winter off-season to maintain around a 60-70% charge.

Spark’s latest 2019 model is now on “Black Friday” sale for CAD$1,199 (~US$906!), now with free shipping. Not sure if it is available in the US yet.

Not only is the price now less than mine (my old price was CAD$1,249 + $99 shipping), it is now better equipped!

500W motor (vs 350W on mine)
48x13Ah battery (vs 10.4Ah standard on mine)
Front and Rear fenders (vs none on mine)
Rear Rack (vs none on mine)
Integrated front and rear lights (vs none on mine)
27.5“ wheel (vs 26” on mine)

Also, you can now upgrade to a 17Ah WITH hydraulic brakes for CAD$300 more (not available to me in 2018).


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@SuperGoop How is the battery holding up? AFAIK, all reention LG 10.4AH batteries use the M26 18650 cell which is made in China & seems to degrade quickly after 2 years.

Thank you for the info. I looked it up and by my reckoning, when new, that cell is preferable to Samsung 35E !
However, that doesn't say anything about aging.
The report suggests uneven quality control, but it is a Korean cell. Perhaps when sold from China in packs they did poor welding and such?

Here's a more in-depth review of some parameters
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