speciaized turbo not seeing app


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Anyone have a this happen? Speciaized turbo not seeing mission control app. Worked fine last time I road went out today said I was disconnected. I pulled the battery reseated it. Downloaded the app again. Restarted my phone. Still nada. Only 3 lights show up on battery. last one does not flash when I plug it in to charge. Battery does charge though. Thanks


Don't know what you mean by not seeing Mission Control app? The bike does not connect to the app or what? I have few incident I was on my way home and made a quick stop went to the grocery store. I paused the ride in the app, turned off and locked it my bike. Came back I was good to go, continue the ride in the app and turn on the bike and the lights, display control turned on but right after diagnostic the light flashed and turn off by itself and motor didn't came on. The app cannot connect to the bike. The battery was on like normal but the light and motor was disconnected. Like you did reseated battery couple of time with no success. I rode back 3 miles home with no assist.

And it happened again couple of times but I got lucky. Eventually the motor turned back on again after couple restart and reseated the battery. I think it has something to do with when you tune your setting in the app somehow the bluetooth got disconnected in the process and maybe have trouble detecting your smartphone. Maybe there is many other bluetooth devices surrounding the bike and got "confused". To be safe I always turn on/off the bike first then go into the app and connect.