Specialized 2018 Turbo LEVO Comp size M FOR SALE with shock upgrades $4500


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Ridden by my wife and maintained by me, a mechanic with 20 years experience. Revelation fork is upgraded to the Pike damper with LSC adjustment. For $500 more the rear Ohlin's shock will be included. Its amazing! The air shock is okay but there is so much more control and compliance with the coil. Also includes the carbon fiber bash guard by Rockgardz. Serfas saddle and shorter stem will be changed out since they are there for my wife and her bad back. Screen grabs of the Specialized Mission control app show battery health, charge cycle and mileage. Located in Phoenix, AZ so local purchase is highly desirable. Would possibly make arrangements to deliver if you're committed.

Original MSRP was $5600. https://www.specialized.com/us/en/mens-turbo-levo-fsr-comp-6fattie-29/p/129008?color=240244-129008

Information on the Ohlin's shock here: https://www.specialized.com/us/en/hlins-sj-fsr-27-5-29-shock-absorber/p/158429?color=238177-158429


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