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Hi guys! As with some of the other displays and control units out there, I decided to create a resource for the Specialized MasterMind TCD2. The Turbo Connect Display 2 (TCD2) is a backlit, color, LCD display, with the active portion measuring 2" diagonal. Not to be confused with the original TCD that was grayscale and had two face buttons, this one is color and has only one button with a separate control ring mounted near the left grip.

The TCD2 is similar to the Specialized TCU (Turbo Control Unit) color LCD that is built into the top tube of some electric bike models (such as the Turbo Levo mountain bike). Both the TCD2 and TCU offer the "MasterMind" software and connect to the Mission Control smartphone app, which allows for customization of screens, adjustment of backlight brightness, beep and haptic control, and assist level tuning. Even without the use of the Mission Control app, both the TCD2 and TCU displays offer Micro Tune which provides 10% power adjustment within each of the three assist levels (Eco, Trail, Turbo) so there are effectively 3 x 10 options = 30 assist levels. Furthermore, you can adjust Support and Peak Power for Eco, Trail, and Turbo with sliders inside the app. See the screenshots from the app below and consider watching the official Specialized University videos on YouTube... because they did a great job!

TCD2 buttons: Power button on the lower center area of the bezel the TCD2 display
Control pad buttons (usually mounted within reach of the left grip): F1, +, -, F2

Useful Tips:
  • Hold + to enable walk assist
  • Hold - to reset ride data
  • Hold + and - to access display settings (units, date/time, sensors, altitude, enviolo cal, regulatory)
  • Press F1 to scroll between display readouts
  • Hold F1 to turn off lights (not available in all geographies)
  • For enviolo AUTOMATiQ hub models, press F2 to adjust Preferred Pedal Pace
  • For non-enviolo AUTOMATiQ hub models, press F2 to enable or disable Micro Tune
  • The TCD2 is mounted to a plastic circle that allows twist off (twisting to the left) but there's a Philips head set screw underneath. To get to this and remove it, you'll need a 2.5mm hex driver as shown in the photos below. Unfortunately, even if you do remove the TCD2, it will still remain permanently wired to the bike... so this is less useful for damage prevention than it is to create space for additional displays or an accessory bar or something custom :D
  • USB-C charging port built into the right side of the display, I checked and it charges my iPhone 12 Max which requires at least 5 volt 600 milliamp. Specialized reps told me that it puts out 5 volts 1 amp.
  • The display is removable (though it is still wired in), adjustable angle, dimmable, and you can turn off beep and vibrate haptic
  • In the settings menu of the TCD2, you can cycle the settings all the way around vs. just going up and then back down. This saves clicks and is a thoughtful design in my opinion.
  • The backlight brightness can be fine tuned by using the Mission Control app.
  • There's an alarm system feature that can be setup using the Mission Control app and you have to unlock the bike with that app or using a pin number on the TCD2.
  • Some competing displays have automatically dimming backlight brightness. Others have brightness control built into the settings menu and do not require a smartphone app to make this adjustment. I wish brightness could be adjusted within the display itself.
  • I also wish that the beep and haptic vibrate could be turned on/off using just the TCD2 display panel vs. requiring the Mission Control smartphone app.
  • The way the display is mounted on the stem handlebar clamp, it takes up space where a phone or light might otherwise mount.
  • I wish the TCD2 cold be removed completely vs. being wired in. This could be handy to deter tampering and scratches at bike racks.
  • You have to remember special button combinations vs. having lights, walk mode, and settings using dedicated clearly labeled buttons.
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Stefan Mikes

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An excellent write-up @Court!

Let me explain the feature you have been dissatisfied with: The fact the TCD-w 2 has to be wired results from the policy of Brose. Brose assumes some of their mid-drive motors can be Euro S-Pedelec type-approved (currently it is the Specialized 1.2s or Brose TF). S-Pedelec is required to have operating speedometer at all times, and that speedometer must not be tampered with. As a consequence, all Brose motors require a wired display to be present (to maintain the design integrity and simplicity). Now: What display (and controller) is used is just at the discretion of the OEM. That's why there are the older TCD-w and newer Mastermind TCD-w displays: these are Specialized (not Brose) ones.

Now, the central location of the display on the stem: That is a Specialized choice. From my long riding practice with a TCD-w equipped Vado, let me tell you it appears to be the best and safest location for the display. I have survived numerous crashes with my S-Pedelec Vado and the original TCD-w is still there, intact. The central location makes it also easy to peek at the display as you ride without distracting the rider.

The TCD-w is difficult or impractical to be be stolen. First, the thief would need to remove the screw. Then, he would have to cut thick wires, rendering his loot useless. The optional wireless TCD display as found on the SL e-bikes is far easier to be stolen: Forget removing the TCD on your cafe stop, and the thief just needs a quarter turn to steal your display!

I agree the integrated solution for the TCD-w as mounted on a Specialized stem makes it hard to -- for instance -- replace the stem with something like a Redshift ShockStop. I guess it is still doable, as the ShockStop stem offers a Garmin Computer Mount (the TCD-w is Garmin mount compatible). If there is sufficient slack in the cables, relocating the TCD-w should be possible.

You say you might want to replace the TCD-w with a bike GPS computer. No worries. Let the TCD-w stay where it is, and just use a standard Garmin or Wahoo handlebar mount sideways. Actually, my S-Pedelec Vado is now equipped with the original TCD-w (centrally), a Wahoo ELEMNT Roam (sidewise), a Supernova M99 Pro headlight (on the other side of the stem), and a smartphone mount at the far left of the handlebar: The real estate on Vado handlebars is huge.

NB: Removing the TCD-w is only necessary to replace the internal button battery.

I had a chance to ride a Mastermind TCD-w Specialized Tero and was very happy with the new type of the display!

Again, thank you for your insights!


Despite of the central location of the TCD-w, there are no issue to mount a lot of gear on Vado handlebars.
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Amazing insights @Stefan Mikes and thank you for uploading a photo! Yes, I see how many things are possible with the different mounts and accessory options. I suspect that in addition to the other improvements with TCD-w 2, there is no longer a button battery required? I did not specifically check for this, but suspect that since the display is wired in, the battery is no longer necessary!

It's interesting that Brose might require displays to be wired in for their speed pedelecs when Bosch does not. I am grateful that Specialized is creating their own hardware and being very thoughtful about it. Thanks again for adding your voice and correcting or expanding where my limits were met :)

Stefan Mikes

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Brwinów (PL)
I suspect that in addition to the other improvements with TCD-w 2, there is no longer a button battery required? I did not specifically check for this, but suspect that since the display is wired in, the battery is no longer necessary!
So far, all Specialized TCD-w and TCU have been button-battery powered. I guess the reason for that is: When the bike is off, the battery is off and isolated from the system. You need a "wake up" signal from either the TCD-w or TCU to switch the bike on. The electricity necessary for that comes from the unit's battery. I don't think that could be done differently with the Mastermind units. Besides, the button battery holds for at least a year. We had several EBR Forum members coming with the "I'm getting a LO BATT message even if my e-bike battery has been fully charged, what gives?", and that was always the display or controller flat button battery.

It's interesting that Brose might require displays to be wired in for their speed pedelecs when Bosch does not.
Bosch E-Bike is very regional with their manufacture. For instance, a 25 km/h motor made by Bosch for Europe/Australia cannot be reset to 28 mph even by Bosch themselves. Not sure how it looks with the Bosch Performance Line Speed motor made for the United States but see a Euro S-Pedelec (Bosch) as type approved for Europe:


Some required safety features for a 45 km/h Euro L1e-B moped. It is noteworthy that even the tyres are type approved, and the Wheel Circumference value is stored as read-only with the motor. (Trek Allant+ 9.9S, Euro).


Safety features (detail). Note that only type approved wired Kiox can be used there. The feature is the cruising speed value must be displayed in each of the data pages. (You cannot have a Nyon on an L1e-B!)


More safety features. The Bosch Speed motor even has terminals for the horn!


Number plate mount. Red reflector. Tail-light. Number plate lighting. STOP indicator.

Saying all the above: Any L1e-B vehicle must be equipped with the safety features I have shown and be type approved. Of the brand motors I am aware of, only Bosch Speed and Brose TF (Specialized 1.2s) are type approved. Specialized, several Bosch e-bikes (including Trek, Riese & Muller, Bulls as well as several other) have gone through that difficult path. (Yamaha or Shimano or Mahle or Fazua have not even tried).

Brose went the easy way: All their motors require a wired display, and it is up to the OEM to provide everything necessary (it is the OEM that is responsible for the Type Approval of their L1e-B).
@Court: It was you who made me aware Speed Pedelecs existed. I watched your review of a 2017 Vado 5.0, and could find that very model in 2019! I still ride that Speed e-bike!
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What models come with this TCD-W display? I thought that the SL models just have the display panel in the top tube, leaving me the handlebars clear to mount my Garmin Edge.