Specialized, Trek, or Gazelle


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Afternoon All,

I'm looking to purchase my first ebike with the main purpose being a short 6 mile roundtrip, commute to work, but would love to use it for the nice (paved) bike trails around Pittsburgh. At the moment, I'm torn between three bikes:

1) Specialized Vado SL 4.0 EQ - $3750
2) Gazelle Ultimate T10+ HMB - $4000
3) Trek Allant+ 7S - $4000

Assuming availability isn't an issue, are there any major drawbacks between the three? From what I can tell they're all fairly similar, all have lights, fenders and racks. I seem to be leaning towards the Trek or Specialized as there are plenty of shops that work on them around me. Appreciate any feedback or insight.
Hey @FreddieD, if you’re still there, try any you can get to test drive and pay no attention to all this! Trust your own intuition. I never even came to this site until after I bought my Trek and I love it!
Best of luck!


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What ever ebike you buy make sure you have rear wheel spokes tension by shop at least once a year. Ebikes like breaking spokes.