Specialized turbo creo sl


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Just purchased. I've ridden the bike outside a couple of times. It's really smooth and it helps my knees terrificly. I'm enjoying it so far but the weather is changing which brings me to my question. I am trying to set up the creo on my wahoo kickr direct drive trainer in the basement. The motor on the bike keeps turning off because the speed sensor is mounted on the rear wheel lockring and the rear wheel is removed with the direct drive system. I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a work around? I reached out to Specialized. They couldn't offer a suggestion. I also reached out to Wahoo but they haven't responded yet and I'm not sure if they will be able to help. Please offer any advice you can think of. Thanks.

The first picture shows the magnet in the center above the lock ring. The second photo shows the rear axle of the bike mounted in the trainer. The frame sensor is not visible but it is on the chainstay below the rear brake calipar. The object on the right of the picture is the flywheel of the trainer.


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