Specialized turbo levo orange county


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Congrats! Was just looking at the review on that bike! Looks awesome! Let us know how you like it :)

bob armani

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I absolutely love it! It has more torque than my other ebike and it look cool. My only complaint is it weights 49 pounds.
I am with you Mark on the weight of most of these mtn ebikes. Get them down to about 40lbs or so and the market will pick up considerably IMHO.


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If you haven't heard of Glendora canyon , you tube vids. looks like some prime mtb trails . Watch for hikers though, as this is some prime realistate for all , with vistas to match .

Ann M.

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49 lbs is reasonably light in the world of electric bikes @Mark Troncale. If you purchase a purpose built ebike then there can be structural differences in the frame designed to help with the extra stress and torque of an electric motor and protect the battery. Mountain bikes are not the lightest weight bikes to begin with, so allow for that weight and enjoy the power. You could go the DIY route with a future ebike and do a setup with a mid drive on a lighter bike; that might shave a bit of weight off but your Specialized Levo is a nice bike.