Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH Vs turbo Vado 3 IGH


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I compared 3,4 and 5 vados and comos as well as a few other bikes before settling on the vado 5.0 igh I received last week. I am new to cycling so think of this as my first real ebike.

I think the igh/belt drive with automatiq is well worth it. Avid pro cyclers will feel like they lost control without the manual shifting. The rest of us who just want to bike will probably like the automatiq shifting. You just don’t need to worry about when or how to shift. The only thing you have to do is maintain cadence. And even that you can set.

On the power between them, for me, the 5.0 was worth it. I have hills I can’t handle on any normal bike. The 5.0 makes them fun. The 3 and 4, less so. I am also planning on hauling trailers on said hills. So, even if the 3 could do it, the 5 was a better choice.

I also tested serial 1 cty rush, priority currents in addition to a range of specialized bikes. The vado topped most of them in most ways so far. I was going to look at the c380+ but the dealer is not the local one and decided to just go specialized.

Automatiq was one of my big concerns. I don’t think about it anymore.


I m trying to decide which one to get between the Vado 5 IGH or the Vado 3 IGH.
I would like to get the Vado 5 because more power but having an automatic gear shifting system does bug me.
I wish they come out with a Vado 5 IGH with the manual gear shifting, so should I get the Vado 3 IGH?
Is having an automatic gear shifting is not that a big deal, so get the Vado 5 IGH?
Thank you.

I went through the same thing. It's too bad they didn't have a belt drive and manual IGH version of the Vado 4. I had a Vado 4 before and would love the same bike with a belt. I went with the Gazelle Ultimate 380+