Specialized Turbo vs Haibike Super Race


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Can anyone make this review and comparison for us! I really want to know how the experts would compare and which they might choose and why.



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Hey Adam,

The new Super Race looks awesome! I heard it's going to be more money than the Turbo (6K), I heard more like $7800! It'll have the Bosch mid drive system, and be 350watts. I don't know if anyone's actually ridden it for a review but it looks bad ass!

Larry Pizzi

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Anyone in So. Cal. that would like to take the Superrace for a test ride, your welcome to visit our HQ in Simi Valley to do so. They should be available with the other Haibike's, around Memorial Day. Look for a full review in the next issue of Electric Bike Action; https://hi-torque.com

Larry Pizzi

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EBS - Not soon enough, I'm afraid.
I hope to have a few more Superrace's that I can allocate as demo bikes once we receive first production of the US Bosch drive systems. That is expected to be by Memorial Day.
We already have about 1/2 of the Superrace's pre-sold so assuming we don't sell out prior to their arrival, this should happen. We do have a number of dealers with employees that are buying them. Seems like they are a break-through for eBikes into the enthusiast bike world!! :D


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Just saw the preview article on the Haibike Superace at the new Electric Bike Action Magazine website. Pretty sweet, gotta love the Bosch drive system and those mid dish aero rims ;)