Specialized Turbo vs iZip E3 Peak :: thoughts?

R Glenn Hessel

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For a variety of reasons (including local availability) I'm deciding between the Specialized Turbo ($3800) and the iZip E3 Peak ($2900).

I've gone on brief test rides and like things about each bike. I really thought I was going to completely fall for the Turbo, since I really like the way they integrated the battery -- looks great.

There wasn't much to complain about the Turbo -- other than the fact that it's got no suspension and the control/display was really small and a little difficult to use (in contrast to that on the E3) which is surprising for a $3800 bike.

Anyway, other than the the aesthetics and built-in lights, what is that extra $900 getting with the Turbo? I don't doubt it's quality...(And for the purpose of this question, forego throwing out a bunch of other bikes I should consider).

Thanks for your thoughts!

Shea N Encinitas

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I personally had complete power loss on two different Turbo test rides, I think it is both under powered and comes with an engineering flaw for you to live with should you choose to buy it. I've never had a go on the Peak but it's cousin the Dash has been a strong performer, uses the same 48 volt battery and is probably a bit faster than a Turbo both because of the wattage of the motor & 12 more volts going to that motor. The Turbo is beautiful and has a nice component group while the Peak is not as pretty but gets the job done. It is kind of like a Ferrari with a Volkswagen engine or a Volkswagen with a reliable v6 - choose wisely. -S

EDIT: I'm sure you've seen Court's review, here is another.
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The Specialized Turbo X has front suspension for $200 more. The Specialized feels more like riding a regular bike. I tried the Dash and Peak. Just didn't feel nearly as natural or as high end.