Specialized Vado Cutting out in wet weather


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Hi all,

I've been commuting on my Specialized Vado 2 when its wet (and my road bike in the dry) and noticed yesterday during light rain on way home, the speedo kept briefly jumping from 15 or 16mph to 68mph and higher and obviously cutting motor power when it did. Happened about a dozen times in 7 miles. This is the second time its done this, last time was wet also.

This morning in the dry its fine. I'm wondering whether this was related to the wet weather (albeit light constant rain) or something else. I assumed the motor and electrics were at least rain proot?

Anybody else experienced similar or have any ideas? Otherwise its back to the LBS when they re-open.


rich c

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Rain proof? Doubt it. Water resistant is a better possibility. I've read about people putting a sandwich bag over displays, but not your bike specifically. I'd suggest you add some silicone or dielectric grease on the battery contacts.