Specialized Vado SL 4 Turbo - electrical issues

johan charles

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Purchased a Vado SL 4 Turbo in Juli 2020. Made some 2200km by december when electrical problems started to show up. Initially the main battery did no longer charge. Took the bike to the service shop and it has been there in and out for the past 6 weeks without solution. Shop cleaned contacts, applied microcode update, etc and also replaced the battery. This didn't solve the issue. Then the bike was sent to central support. When it came back I was told the battery was changed again. Bike started up, I drove 10km with it taking it home. Noticed that both the main battery and the range extender were not fully charged. So I started charging the range extender, this worked fine. Then I tried to charge the main battery, this did not work. It was not charging again Light on the charger was green, indicating the main battery was fully loaded? Managed to start up the bike using the extender battery (indicator on bike showed green bars only not the blue bars for the main battery). Looked at the bike using the mission control app on my mobile to find out that the main battery was dead. Took it back to the shop. Owner saw that main battery was not available. Then we stopped the bike and started it up again and then the main battery showed life again. So this is an on/off situation - intermittent problem. Now the bike is at the local service point, probably on its way back to central support. Anyone familiar with such an issue? Anyone with knowledge on the warranty conditions from specialized for such situation? Other then that, the Vado SL is great to ride, I had 6 months of very much fun with it. Sad to see this happening.
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