Speed limiting ???

Mike B

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I have a 48 volt - 1000 watt e-bike motor (I don't know the manufacturer), that I would like to put on my handicapped daughters adult tricycle to make her life easier. When I had it on my Bike, It will move at about 25-30 MPH. Since she is handicapped, I would like to know if anyone knows how I can limit her speed to about 5-10 MPH.

I am kinda handy with electronics and I am thinking a resistor in line with the thumb throttle (since its only a potentiometer). Can anyone tell me what size resistor I can use to accomplish this, or maybe another idea.. THANKS!!


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Some controllers are capable of altering your max speed. Sometime that's done through a display. Sometimes there's a potentiometer pigtailed off the controller. Sometimes you use a programming cable hooked up to a computer.

I'm not very familiar with non-Pedego systems, but if you post a pic of the label on your controller, or type in what it says, maybe someone can else can help.


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Most likely your 1000w/48v system came with a 25 amp controller, so your peak output would not exceed 1200w. Could be that you find after converting that heavy trike that it cannot go much faster than 20 mph to begin with. Also, this may sound counter intuitive, but a handicapped person would benefit from more, not less, available power at whatever speeds the rider is comfortable with.

Ann M.

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With a 48 volt battery pack you would have over 20mph, @Mike B, even with a heavy trike. We've done the trick with the transistor before for a customer with a younger child riding a trike; however, climbing ability was lost along with the speed. Many controllers are programmable using a Cycle Analyst wired inline with the controller, etc. That way you can alter the settings as your daughter is comfortable with the trike handling.

This way you don't lose power, rather adjust how quickly or strongly the throttle engages and manage top speed. You might need to purchase another controller, too but a small investment for better mobility for your daughter.


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More information and we can help? The display? The controller? Model numbers? Brands?

Ididntread Ann's post, but a Cycle Aalyst is a solution if the controller is capable. Your display may be capable.