Speed linked to PAS level, reviews requests


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Ok, so I have noticed several instances where the PAS level limits top speed.

This seems like a great way to keep one's speed at a consistent level when he doesn't want to go max speed. Like cruise control. Busy path, wanna limit speed to 10mph, use level 1. Less busy, 13mph, level 2, etc.

I did see Court's review where the speed limiting on the Yamaha middrive caused problems with gearing/hills.

I guess I am wondering how the other systems behave. Can they get to top speed on assist level 1? I guess the rider manages their speed by how fast or hard they pedal?

I know these are really elementary questions, but I'm trying to mentally categorize the different systems.

@Court , to go along with this train of thought... when I watch your reviews, I am struck that each review is like looking at a bike in a vacuum. Rarely do you compare bikes to each other.

What would be awesome is if you do a single review on a particular feature, then refer each bike that contains that feature back to that review. Save you time, and would help your viewing audience.

For example, the Bosch mid drive is available on lots of bikes. Someone had to ask which bike had a Bosch and a throttle, for the realization to hit home that we don't "get" the system differences just by watching the reviews.

Anyway, it would be time saving to simply say "this bike is equipped with the Bosch generation 2 mid drive system. For a complete review of that system, check out THIS video".

Then some videos that compare how the systems work. "The Bosch does THIS, while the Brose does THIS, while the Yamaha does THIS."

I would like to see 2 Haibikes, one with Bosch, and one with Yamaha, ridden up the same hill by two similar people. Time, effort, problems? Switch bikes, do it again. Same on the flat.

Now I know I'm not in your shoes, and don't know the complexities that I'm requesting. But it doesnt hurt to ask, right? ;)

BTW, Love what you do here, very appreciative!


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Yes, your basic assumption is correct. Each level of assist boosts speed by 1.5-2.5mph at a given effort and cadence (peddling speed). So level 1 tends to boost my cruising speed from 12.5 to 14-15mph and so on. But there's a lot of overlap in that if you pedal hard you get more assist (torque sensor equipped bikes) , so yes you can easily max out at 20mph in level 1 peddling relatively hard. Where in level 3 it's easy and level 5 it's hard to not be doing 19mph.
without a torque sensor then it's just spinning the pedals lightly and you get full boost. (straight PAS)