Sprung handlebars


I had been thinking of upgrading my `14 Turbo with front shocks, as the bike rides Hard on our local unmaintained streets, and I have arthritis in my thumbs and wrists, but the cost would be around $500 at a guess.
Instead, I've ordered one of these - hopefully in time for next spring: http://www.redshiftsports.com/shockstop
With my Thudbuster ST, it should take most of the jolt out of riding the Turbo.


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Try to ride as upright as possible it takes the weight of those wrists etc, North Road handlebars, soft ergon grips, seat suspension post, front suspension forks, Gel seat, - they all help in the comfort department.


Getting to the point where I may wind up on a GenZe electric scooter. Not nearly as much fun as a bike, but a lot better city transportation.


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I just ordered a pair of gloves made with sorbothane. It has amazing shock absorbing properties:

The only gloves I could find were these:

I will report back on how they work for me. My bike actually does have a front shock, but I am a comfort freak and my hands still feel it after a long ride, and most regular bike gloves only help a little.
The sorbothane gloves do help make my hands more comfortable. They are very thin, so I can wear them under my other bike gloves. I also found I could buy the sorbothane in an adhesive sheet and cut pieces to stick on my handlebar grips for the same effect. Here is the sheet that I used: http://amzn.to/1lmlHcH
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