A month ago, I lost control and flew over the front fork of my Stromer ST-1 and on to the concrete. I was beat up good, but nothing broken. Thankfully, my helmet saved my face from road rash, but my right arm and thigh were punctured and bleeding whilst my left wrist was sprained. I am still mending.

My ST-1 did not fail me, but my Slime inner tube collapsed at my front wheel leaving me with little control. I am not sure, but my barrel nut atop the front fork may have been damaged from the fall.

Thanks to some very nice good Samaritans I made it up and onto the nearest bike shop to repair my tire before riding home sore and grateful I was not going to the hospital in an ambulance. It was my worst ever bicycle accident. I am 62 years old.

QUESTION: What should I do to safeguard my Stromer ST-1 after the accident? Take it to an expert for a full inspection and adjustment? I can't find any electrical or mechanical damage from the accident despite cosmetic scars.

Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated.


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Crashed and have been hit several times.

Check handlebar alignment, check rims are true check that the fork is not bent or twisted.

If you know how, go ahead and check the air pressure in your front fork.. Should be around 140 psi.

Just do a close inspection of all the pinch points for the hydraulic brakes and electrical connections on the handlebar and front brake.

Or just bring it to an LBS. Unless they handle ebikes they might not want the liability.

Best way is to just get back on that bike~!

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My best advise is to take it to a qualified master mechanic and have him check it from top to bottom. They will check compression plug tension in the head, check for anything that is bent including rotors and derailleurs, and inspect wheels to make sure that beads are still seated and that spoke tension and wheel trueness are intact. There are so many things that a non-mechanic won't know to look for that can affect the safety and performance of a bike, especially an ebike.


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To add to the above already good advice, make sure that you replace your cycle helmet for a new one.

It has potentially saved you once, but might not a second time.

As a note to anyone else that ever suffers a similar fate and require medical attention. If you are wearing a cycle helmet, make sure that you take it with you to the hospital. It could possibly tell the hospital staff something that you might not have noticed, or were even aware of.