ST1 City Rack Repairs replacements?


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If anyone has a good beefy rack recommendation that works with the city Fenders on a ST1 please let me know.

I have the city kit, and I have been riding every day for the past 1.5 years. I think I was putting more load on the rack then it was designed. It says it's only designed for 5 lbs or so and I have a 8-10 lbs laptop in my saddle bag on most days. Hitting any pothole at close to 30 mph just nail the bike, so I am sure that those random times I've hit something in the road have taken it's toll. Not long ago I noticed that the weld where the two rails meet the tail light place had cracked and separated. Then I recently realized that the rack was stressing the screws that hold the fender.

In theory I could get someone to try to weld it back together, but maybe a replacement would be better.