ST1 console battery & defective symptoms

russ moir

Curious if ST1 owners get their console to power up while disconnected from main battery.
Tried 2 consoles, and no go. Looks like the onboard battery is for memory only.

New bike console had no speed/odo indication - all 0
All other functions were fine.
Had about 4 rides - all works but speed signal.

Tried the list of option codes found here to experiment, and the display started 'working' suddenly.
Speed was indicated as 188-240km/hr. if only lol. Speed display jumped a lot in values.
Odo increments linear, but way higher than actual.

New display arrived, swapped and everything is now 100%.

Previously checked all connections, pulled battery for reset, reset console. Nothing changed.
Tried code 0002 as it it were way off it may change speed calculation. It just toggles between 26, 28, 27, etc.
Was at 26 already.

Have the Elite, and its pretty easy to get to 34km/hr quick. Slight downhill and 50 no problem.
Still have to put a bit of effort into hills, though no standing up. Even flat peddling you have to put a bit of effort, ie there is a bit of resistance. Really feel great though getting a workout, but not killing myself doing it. Will be doing all my errands on it for sure.
Very nice to have the speed output working now to get feedback on performance.

Added info in case it helps someone else.