St1 display

Anthony r

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Today I went to turn on my st1 and nothing happened on display. I then tried replacing battery in display and it turned on with the no batt message. I have two batteries I know are good and charge up fine. I checked for loose connections but I don't think I found any. I tried a few times replacing batteries a few times but with no change same no batt message. The backlight did not light up either. Then I tried pedaling bike and display went erratic with light flashing numbers all over the place and it shutting off. Please tell me I just need a new display.


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I had a bh easymotion before stromer I had motor replacement a display replacement and spokes popped off all the time.

You had the one with the left hand display( my first 2015 ebike) , those bikes before 2017 were a different story then the newer ones... try a new 2018/2019 one- Zero issues.