ST1 Drivetrain upgrade?


Hey has anyone else here upgraded an ST1 Platinum to a 10 speed? Is it even possible to fit a 10 speed freewheel on this hub?

I am just going to order a 10 speed freewheel and try it of course.

Ravi Kempaiah

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I have heard of people doing 10 speed cassette on a different hub but not sure of the freewheel system.


An upgrade in functionality. The ST1 Platinum I just bought for my wife had a defective freewheel and crankset. The freewheel was wobbly and very noisy, I already replaced it with a spare one sitting in the shop. In the front, the middle chainring keeps losing the chain. The chain falls off toward the large ring and just rides above the teeth resulting in unexpected freewheeling while pedalling. Instead of asking for a replacement of the stock part from the manufacturer, I thought I would just save myself more trouble in the future by upgrading to better parts. So since I like the 2x10 drivetrain on my ST2 (minus the defective SLX shifter, another story) I thought I would do the same on the ST1. I will update after all the parts ordered arrive an I have made the changes.


So it was just barely possible to fit the ten speed freewheel and crankset on the bike but they did fit. I should look for a smaller freewheel spacer to allow more clearance between the torque plate and the chain, and if I can find one, a 10 speed crankset with a slightly longer axle so the chainrings can be spaced further out. That would let my small ring use more of the high gears without the chain catching the larger ring. All in all though the shifting feels much smoother with the switch. Plus, I was able to take off the gear display on the shifters, which left more swivel room for the control screen and the bell.


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