ST1 loosing power & speed


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I had the same problem with one of my 2016 ST2 bikes: Intermittent slowing, sluggishness. The next time it happened I stopped immediately and recalibrated the torque sensor. Problem solved. It hasn’t happened again.
Thank you for the quick response. How do I go about recalibrating the torque sensor? Is that something a mechanic needs to do or is it something I can do through the control panel?


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...or is it something I can do through the control panel?
On the ST2 it is in the control panel, the OMNI.

I just searched and found an expired Stromer page that said it is in the Sensor menu. They also recommended recalibrating after every firmware update or axle tightening. I had several firmware updates without recalibrating, which may explain my problems.
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I have no idea if this relates to your issue, but I have experienced something similar to your description with my ST1.

Oddly, I have noticed if I ALWAYS start it when the bike is stationary, no motion, not touching the brakes, it doesn't not ever have the problem I am experiencing. I do not know if the bike calibrates something when it starts or what, but if I leave it on the stand, start it up, let everything begin running BEFORE I throw a leg over and begin to ride, I NEVER experience the problem (which is very similar to what you are describing).