ST1 mods

russ moir

ST1 Elite grips were terrible - changed up to Ergon GP1 large. Huge difference. Hands don't get numb right away. Still need to move my position around a bit while riding, but they aren't near as bad.

stock handlebar was 685mm and the steering felt twitchy. - changed up to a 760mm wide, 9 deg back sweep, 31,8 dia at the stem, 20mm rise. That small change is notably more stable, and just feels like it should be. If they had it in stock I'd likely have gone for a 40mm rise - happy with the new bar as is though.

stock Wellgo non-sealed bearing pedals are rough and a bit small. - changed up to Shimano Saints. Feet fit the pedals better. Bit more comfortable. Cant say I notice the smoothness, though its quite obvious spinning by hand. Tried SPDs before and had too many close calls getting back out. Sticking with flats. All my commutes under 10km though.

thinking of a 9 speed XT shifter for lighter effort and better feel. Will order through chainreaction. Local dealer is about twice the price.

Axiom Seymore paniers - fit the rack nicely, snap on, no interference with peddling.

Blinky light for seat stem

Likely going with Arbus folding lock as it has a water bottle mount to store it.
Doesn't appear to be any locks on the market the pros cant get through quick with a cordless angle grinder.
If Litelok was available here I'd give that a try. Still researching. Anything is just enough for an 'honest' person to pass on it.
(edit ... picked up the Arbus. Harder to cut with bolt cutters, but none are resistant to angle grinder. Main benefit was mounting it on the water bottle boss for easy access/storage)
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Any more info on that handlebar? Those Abus locks are nice. Ditto for the Axiom panniers. They have some nice designs. TFS. I'm making my new ST1 my own as well but so far just cobbing a rack & bottle cage off my old bike. I did spring for a new USB rechargeable light which has both white & red LEDs, flashing & steady (just under the head of the U lock in the photo)

russ moir

I dont even know the brand, I know .... just whatever the dealer had on hand. Has a logo but not one I recognize. It was inexpensive. (edit .... it's a Kona. Found it listed on the receipt. Heard of them obviously, but the bar graphics weren't obvious)
The specs though are valid. I was researching bars, and the diameter for the bar clamp is key. I wanted a bit of rise, and back sweep.
Back sweep puts your hands in a more natural position. Rise lets you sit up more - counter acts the wider grip bringing you forward a bit.
Width though was important as this gives you more control and stability. Cant hurt to buy a 780 or even 800. Most bars have markings you can use to shorten with a pipe cutter. However for me the 760 made a notable improvement, especially downhill at speed. I feel I have full control now as opposed to the steering feeling on the edge of being out of control. Initial ride it was very obviously twitchy, then subsequent rides I felt more accustomed to it. With the 760, It was a day/night improvement. I was concerned maybe it would be too big a jump and I'd cut it back. (went in looking for a 720 based on reviews). Now, after experiencing the 760, I'd encourage others to go wider and cut if needed. Most stock in stores is 780-800 - at least around here, since the dealer only needs to stock the wider bar and cut em to suit. Many brands have a range of bars/specs, but most all have a bar with the specs I bought.
The best improvement I've done to it. Grips being right up there too.
Was looking at forums for ideas how to tailor the bike, and what worked for others, so I posted my mods to date.
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