ST1 Tire Pressure ?


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Into my second week with a new Elite - Nice Ride !!

My dealer suggested 50 PSI, the manual states " stay within the pressure range marked on the tire "
which is 30 - 55 PSI .. BUT :

Can anyone else give recommendations for tire pressure for this bike ??

OffTopic : I purchased the City Kit, but decided against the stock rack and installed an Ibera IB-RA5.
The stock rack is rated for 10 Kg, this one 25 Kg, and it feels it ! Also Ibera makes a number
of quick connect bags for this rack.

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I've been happy with 30 PSI Front and Rear. On my ST2- My friend has a ST1 coming this week so I will tinker with his bike when we set it up and give you some feed back.


I run 60 psi front 70 psi rear. Excel maxxis tires 2013 model

Always run the max on the rear and about 20% less in front. All my bikes


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Feedback from Stromer Corp

Coming from our Swiss tech guys, 30 psi seems pretty good for someone between 120 and 160 pounds.

I’m about 140 pounds running 40 psi for the speed, but 30 psi would be more comfortable.

My commute is about 40 miles one way, so every bit counts for me.

C. H.
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There is a google app that can provide optimal tie pressure based on your weight tires and bike style.

Have fun!


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His commute is 40 miles one way? wow.
Maybe the minute he mounts his trusty Stromer steed he's on the clock, in which case I want one of those jobs! In any case 80mi/day is very impressive! And an impressive bike!!:)


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I weigh in at 150, dropped my psi down to 30 and really like the added traction and soft ride that running at this psi provides. Since I ride in a urban setting with curbs, rail tracks, ruts, sand, slick concrete, long wooden train trestle bridge and many tight turns there is just no benefit to running at a high PSI. Someone said higher PSI for speed but honestly even with the extra rolling resistance I'm always at 26-28 mph right at the max. I guess if you were at the limit on your range it could make a difference in extending your battery life. I only ride about 15 miles per day so battery life is not a concern.