ST1 Wheel Nut Torque


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I thought I'd post this as an FYI ..

There are discrepancies between the Black BMC /Stromer Operating manual and markings on the
bike with regards to torque on the front wheel nut and seat post ... and more :

The manual states 25 Nm for the Front Nut, the nut is Marked 20 Nm ( This was verified correct by Tech Support )

The manual states 40 Nm for the Rear 19mm Nuts, no marking, BUT from Tech Support, the
correct value is to be 70 Nm.

< from StromerTech Support > " .. correct .. front axle ... 20 Nm. ... However, the ST1 rear 19mm steel axle nuts do need to be tightened at 70 Nm for security. "

Thanks, I have found the same numbers posted elsewhere. Side note: After changing my rear tube, I didn't have a torque wrench or even know that I needed to torque it a specific amount, so I winged it.

Every once in a while on either a hot day or after I've written a while and stop to take a break, it won't engage the motor. I talked to Palo Alto Bicycles today and they said that can be a problem with an incorrect torquing of the rear wheel. I've ordered a torque wrench today and hope it resolves the issue.