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Hi all, new to your forum . Have been gleaning some info from you guys for a little bit. You seem like a good bunch of guys that like to help out other people.
I am very interested it the ST1.
I see from your forum that it is just like anything else, you can get a good one , or you can have trouble .
I am on social security, so I have no spending money to speak of.
I sold all of my rc helicopters so that will save me $1,000 a year.
To buy a new bike I would have to take out of my IRA.
Do you guys think the bike would be worth it. Do the new ones hold up ok, on average.
I ride about 4,000 milles a year.
Thank you for your time and input . Ken.


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You are asking for financial advice that no one here is really equipped to give.

As for the bike, my personal opinion, for what it's worth, is that you can find better value.

That's a lot of miles. Do you commute on a road bike?


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Thank you for your reply. No I just ride about 20 miles a day, just for something to do.
I know there are cheaper bikes out there, but I like that the
Stromer is a built up ebike from the ground up.
I haven't seen a conversion bike that I like , yet anyway.
Thanks again, Ken.

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Maybe you can find a gently used ST1 (platinum is my pref). I'm sure some phat cat has just fallen in lust with the ST2 and will part with his (or her) low milage ST1 to partially fund the St2. At 5'10 I fit the large frame BTW. Would be funny if you took a paper route to pay for it! I'll be at 4k miles in another month, maybe 7k for this particular year. -S


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I was wondering about how safe it would be to buy used.
I could and did buy used rc helicopters, but e- bikes I know nothing about.
Glad to hear that you are getting such good mileage out of your bike.
The Platinum is what I am thinking about too.
Thank you for your time and input.
Keep looking up! Ken.


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What would be better for the OP? The answer which has been used the the most is test ride as many as you can. How did you arrive on a ST 1? There are. Pros and cons to all bikes . The financial end is hard to choose for others. I always live inside my means and will not touch my retirement. I am conservative w/my money. Maybe it will save you some, maybe it won't . New bikes depreciate very quickly. How much service can you do yourself? If the LBS will be doing most , talk to them so you will know what to expect. Read up all you can from here and everywhere . Go test many

I have a stromer Platinum, not sure I would buy it again, not sure I wouldn't


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Thank you for your reply, yery good advice!
So far all I have to make my choice is what I read and pictures I see.
The only bike shop that I know of that has ebikes is in Orlando About 60-70 milles away.
Thank you , Ken. Keep looking up.
I forgot to add , I can do most of the repair work myself.
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