St2 cogging and boost speed.


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my st2 has a substantial negative cogging drag when I stop pedaling. My st1 does not. Jail breaking the boost to 20+ mph, like I did to st1 would eliminate this flaw and I hope stromer or someone can provide software code to achieve it.
Could be regen braking is set when coasting, I'd be almost satisfied if I could turn that off. But, I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Caterpillar earthmoving scrapers have "retarders" built into them to reduce speed and help brake downhills without using regular brakes, but they require to be turned on by operator, not just taking your foot off the throttles.
Frustrating to cruise at 27mph, then take a speed reducing penalty cause I want to coast and rest for a minute.
Boost mode set to cruise speed would instantly solve my only complaint of st2


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It's supposed to drop to Regen when you tap the brakes right? maybe switch problem? Hard to imagine the 2 has cogging when 1 doens't.


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I suspect you're right. Troubleshooting that could be a hassle, especially that it would start by taking the bike 60 miles to dealer. And would kill my streak of bulletproof service between the stromers I own.
The boost upgrade would be my preferred fix.
And, cogging is partially defined as a negative, but accepted, reality in that kind of dc motor.