ST2 - error code 210280 - Drive error.


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I have an ST2 bike that has been sitting in the garage for a few years. My brother bought it and had some issues which the local strohmer dealer could not fix after a few trials. The bike was bought used from the dealer. The bike has less than 100 miles on it. The issue is the when pedal in any gear, i get an error code 210280. Something about drive speed error may be. Given the age of the bike, and it was bought used even through the dealer, I am not sure what to do now. I checked the basic 20N-m torque, recalibrate TNM4, check connectors... All seem ok. but this error will disable pedal assist rendering the bike non-usable in this mode. Then the only way to restart is to stop the bike, shut off the unit, and turn back on again. The fault seems to be consistent but not depending on starting or running.


1. Has anyone seen this error before? any suggestions.
2. The ST2 hub motor, does it have any electronics in it or only on the controller board.
3. If I need to purchase a controller board, where would I purchase it. Should i replace the controller or motor? both are expensive.
4. How does the drive infer a speed, is there a speed sensor that may be causing an issue?

We have about 4K invested in this bike and would like to try and fix it. Any assistance you can render would be most appreciated.




Hi Dave,

I did a search for this error code in the stromer neatherlands forum. I found this thread where someone had the problem with an ST1x, which is pretty much the same as the ST2, but the motor has less output. Google should automatically translate for you, but here's the ST1x post:

Have had the same problem with my ST1x.
The problem was that the magnetic contact of the rear brake was not properly adjusted. As a result, the rear light stayed on from time to time, which made the bike think I was still braking and therefore gave no support.
- So check the operation of your brake with your rear light.
- If the brake light sometimes stays on, adjust the contact of the rear brake at the lever
- Release the Inbus at the bottom of the magnetic contact - Turn the
brake contact (think key 7) a little further (1 turn)
- Fix the Allen key again

Hopefully this will solve your problem and you can also flow carefree

Someone further down on that page says the issue happened only when they used the right brake. To try to narrow down the issue, maybe you could take a ride and use only one brake and then take another ride and use only the other brake.