ST2 Maintenance 10 speed cassette


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Got a rear flat last week so this weekend time for some maintenance.
Remove rear wheel (not difficult see manual)
Remove the cassette but noticed the lock ring was'nt tightened anymore
could turn it by hand? (well done Stromer)
After approx. 4k km it was time to change the 11T gear as "some" wear was noticeable
and not as bad to change the chain.


Normal wear as I never use the 12 theeth or other
my home work trip is for 85% at full speed.
Cleaned the whole gear and mechanism, mount everything back (40 Nm for the cassette, 20Nm for rear axe).
I also noticed while remove the tire the quality of the inner tube is realy lowcost
Stromer tire: weight 141 grams thicknes 1,4mm
Michelin tire : weight 207 grams thickness 2mm
After a testride everything ok