ST2 Motor Cable Replacement Procedure


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One of my ST2's (out of warranty) is displaying the dreaded 'motor shudder' issue. Luckily, I have a second ST2, and was able to eliminate the motor itself as the problem by swapping the rear wheel between both bikes. The shudder happens with both rear wheels on the bad bike, and with neither rear wheel on the good bike. In any case, I remember seeing a video that outlined this procedure on YouTube a while back, but that video now seems to be gone(?). Can anyone here who has replaced the motor cable give me a rough outline of the procedure? I remember that the wicket liner must be removed, and this that is the most tedious step of the operation, but that's all I can remember. I am pretty handy with these things, but I'd rather not go in completely blind if I don't have to.

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It's worth spending some time searching youtube for a video of the procedure. I don't have a link handy, but when I replaced mine it was nice to have. You're right about removing the battery compartment to access the existing cables. The two things I remember well are 1:) Keep track of which battery compartment screws go where. The threads are the same but the screw lengths are different. I used an ice cube tray from my freezer to store the screws as I took them out. It kept them handy and in the correct order. And 2: Tie an old cable or piece of strong fishing line or similar to the old cable harness when you remove it to use as a guides for feeding the new one through the wire chase. I'm not sure I could have fed the new wires through if I hadn't had something already there to help pull them. Aside from that, I remember it being a logical procedure that was more tedious than difficult. The video I found on Youtube was pretty lousy quality, but even so it was a great reference. I had it on my iPad as I did the repair and it was handy to have. Hopefully you have already gotten it done. If not, good luck! Let us know how it went and what, if anything, you discovered to help folks in the future.


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More than one year later after the last post within this thread. As well I have to replace the motor cable. However I looked everywhere on the internet (Youtube) for a video how to replace it, without luck. Does anyone have information how to replace the motor control cable of the ST2?
Many thanks!
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