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So I have had my ST2 for 14 days...............will sell when this is available........Yum!

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Sorry, I noticed this info has been posted by Ravi (who is on my ignore list so I did not see it when posted)
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Ravi Kempaiah

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I had un-ignore you to comment on this thread.

First of all, you're not 86. Even if you're, you have few years left to live and you have all my compassion.
I find it hilarious that after purchasing an ST2 from Lenny, you're acting all hyper and status quo here.

You took a jab at me with that Indian gay joke & few other occasions. It's ok, I will pardon you. I don't waste my time like that.
Please don't waste everyone's time and don't mention my name ever again.

Be well, ride more :)


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Looks like Stromer has decided on allowing buyer to choose their own personal rear rack on the ST S . Please allow ample bosses for attachment if so.