St2 rockshox done


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Happy to have front forks on her.
The rockshox rebas work very well, but Stromer branded suntour forks on my st1 work just as well. Either fork combined with thud buster makes 25+ mph comfy and safe(imo).
Had to move tank bag a bit aft to not cover up display and reinforce my basket to fit stock rear rack- but it's just about right now. A faster bike, but I still think my st1 is the coolest looking "girls " bike ever.


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Suntour and other cheaper forks work fine for the one bump at a time of street use and slower offroad stuff. The Rebas would start to show their stuff offroad and multiple quicker hits.

Did you have to do anything to run them? Haven't looked at my ST's axles. I have Reba's on my Haibike and they are sweet! I can't stop riding cross country (mowed field stuff mostly) to feel the suspension work.


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They fit fine. Brake line had to go outside of nicely designed oem routing thru forks. But, not many bikes have brake line running internally through head tube and forks anyway- no biggie.
I bought them as new take offs online, steerer tube had been cut and they would not work on st1. In fact, even oem stromer suspension forks or fox or rock shox steerer tubes uncut length(265mm)are barely long enough to fit my st1 step-thru that I only recently figured out that st1 step-thru head tube is much longer than st1 men's frame. Of course, it's why st1 "girls" bike has such a masculine profile compared to mens model. And contributes to " the coolest looking girls bike ever" (imo).
Tapered, uncut, and 15mm axle are the only criteria to fit. Mine are 100 mm travel and any rake and trail issues are a non event on either bike.