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On my new ST2S I didn't like the fact that the Di2 gear indicator would only stay on for five seconds after a gear change - I wanted it to stay illuminated a little longer, say one minute for instance as the display draws such a minuscule amount of power from the Di2 installed battery. So I set out to download the Shimano e-tube software to my laptop in order to make the changes. In the process I ran into a few minor challenges that I thought I would share with you here so you don't have the same hassles.

My laptop is running Windows 7 (only Windows operating systems are supported at this time) - on the Shimano e-tube project web page there were two versions listed for download, the first one included Windows 10 and lower operating systems as well such as Windows 7. The download version just below had Windows versions except Windows 10, so I downloaded/installed the second version -- that was mistake number one!

When I started the e-tube program there were three bike configurations to choose from: "Road" "Mountain Bike" and "Comfort Bike". I tried all three and could not get the program to recognize the ST2S di2 configuration. So I deleted that software version and then downloaded/installed the e-tube software version on the top of the page that includes support for Windows 10 and lower versions (no support for XP) .......and boom, now there was an additional bike configuration choice for "E-Bikes" -- things were looking good now!

I clicked on the ebike choice and yet again the program would not recognize the ST2S di2 configuration and would not progress to the change setting area. Dang! So I ended up picking Mountain Bike choice since the rear derailleur is XTR and whamo it worked. The parameters for the illumination of the gear indicator can be configured from the stock 5 seconds all the way up to 300 seconds and everything in between. I set mine to 120 seconds to stay illuminated after a gear change which I will like much better and should have no noticeable effect on di2 battery life.

So bottom line: when working with the Shimano di2 settings on the Stromer ST2S be sure and install the first version listed on the e-tube project web site which includes support for Windows 10 even if you don't have Windows 10 (as mentioned above this version also supports lower versions of Windows such as 7) --- then once installed choose the "Mountain Bike" icon in the program, NOT the "Ebike" icon and it will work just fine from there.

One last note: when I got everything working with the e-tube program there were already three firmware updates available for the various Di2 components on the ST2S so I did the firmware updates and everything is working just fine .........the ST2S draws a very tiny amount of charge from the installed di2 battery mostly due to the fact that you don't have to change gears all that often and of course the lack of a front derailuer which draws the most power from di2 battery if so equipped. The ST2S is very easy on the Di2 installed battery -- I now have almost 300 miles on the new bike and the Shimano di2 battery indicator has not come down off of full yet, there are five bars for full battery on the gauge and all five bars are still showing -- I live in a pretty hilly area so I do change gears a bit more than average due to the local terrain.
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Good info, I was curios about that e-tube app. I watched YouTube on it and figured there was nothing I needed to adjust or worry about.. But now that you mention it, it would be nice if it displayed which gear I am in for a bit longer.
I think I will go and try it as you suggest and get the firmware updates that are available.

Yeah, I settled on "120" seconds for the display illumination and I like that much better. As I mentioned in post above the ST2S uses such little draw on the di2 battery that making the display stay illuminated longer is going to have a negligible effect on the battery charge life, I doubt that the display draws much current at all.

Just be sure and install the first version of the software on the e-tube page, it's slightly larger like 84 mb and it's the one that includes support for Windows 10. Then after you install the program and launch it you'll see a choice of bike types - be sure and pick "Mountain Bike" not "Ebike" because of the XTR rear derailleur. If you pick Ebike the program will not recognize the derailleur and will not allow you to proceed to change settings.

When you pick "Mountain Bike" and then test communication the program will recognize all the di2 components that are installed on your ST2S and then you'll be able to proceed to change settings. The display setting are all by themselves so you don't have to worry that you will be changing anything else by mistake -- it worked just fine for me once I had the right version of the program installed and selected Mountain Bike as the bicycle type.

Let us know how it goes for you once you get around to it, I'll be curious if you have the same firmware updates - I think the updates had to do primarily with the connection module and communications with the components and the software - nothing very critical as far as di2 operations.


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So bottom line: when working with the Shimano di2 settings on the Stromer ST2S ... then once installed choose the "Mountain Bike" icon in the program, NOT the "Ebike" icon and it will work just fine from there.

Thanks for sharing this valuable info!

I expect, the selection "e-bike" is for those with Di2 and the STEPS motor, such as the e-MTB form Thömus. This because mid-drives need to reduce power during gear shifting.



please apologize for poor pictures.


I installed the app and updated last night.
My laptop is running Windows 10 so the version was obvious for me. The app is older code based around .Net3.5SP1 which Win10 does not have enabled by default, took an extra 10 minutes to add that 'feature' then I installed E-Tube Project (E-tube_Proj_V_2_11_1 from at the time of this post) and connected. You are right "MTB" was not the obvious choice, had I not read your post I probably would have tried e-bike, failed to connect and given up.

Two of the four modules, the Master Unit & the Rear Shifting System needed firmware updates, from 3.0.0 to 3.0.10/3.0.8, from what I read at the time the updates did not add any new feature for my setup but it is good to stay current for when they do..
Di2 Firmware.png

I used the interface to set my display time to 60 seconds and my shift speed from normal to fast.

I let it stay plugged in to top off the charge which only took 10 minutes and I was done.
Fast and simple.

Thanks again for the notes.


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@Master Blaster... thank you very much for your post and information. I too like Laptop Guy followed your instructions and changed my display time to 120... I also had the two firmware updates as well.

I also flipped which buttons lowered/raised gears which was more intuitive at least to myself.

@Lap Top guy do you enjoy the shift speed increase? Pros or Cons?

Thank you again.


I do like the current shift speed.. I upped one setting from normal to fast and it is a subtle difference. Only had the bike 10 days now but I found I spend all my time in gears 10,11 or in 3,4 stopping/starting/uphill. It jumps high to low pretty quick and smooth holding down the button, even with a slow pedal stroke.

But, honestly I doubt I would notice the difference if someone else made the shift speed change and I was unaware of it. Once I get more experience with the electronic shifting I will flip it again to see if I can notice the change.


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Please excuse a new ST2s-rider:
I read this thread with interest. Would like to increase time the current gear is displayed.
Could any of you please explain to me, how you actually do the update of the Shimano-computer ?


Please excuse a new ST2s-rider:
I read this thread with interest. Would like to increase time the current gear is displayed.
Could any of you please explain to me, how you actually do the update of the Shimano-computer ?
Hi eBikeFun.. (bear).. Post #5 above kind of explains it but it does assume some technical expertise. Happy to help and break it down a bit more.
You need a laptop (or PC) running a Windows OS with .net3.5SP1 (you can google instructions for that depending on your Windows version). Download and install the application E-Tube Project. Follow the application on screen instructions to get connected up, then go into the Display Monitor Settings and customize..
The application website has documentation to walk you through getting it setup and navigating the menus. You can get the detailed docs by downloading the PDFs found at this link.
For the ST2s Shimano Di2 you want to select MTB and not Ebike.
Feel free to send me a message if you need more guidance then that..


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Finally, I found time, to change the gear switch lever:


With this setting, it should be easier shifting up during full acceleration.

When I keep the button pressed, the gears shift automatically - but faster than I could accelerate. Is there a way to reduce this shifting speed without touching the "single shift" speed?


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Which interface did you use? Is there an advantage of one over the other?

In order to use E-TUBE PROJECT, the SM-PCE1 or SM-BCR2 interface is required​


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