ST2, the ultimate ebike machine

Since my wife Aida got an ST2 back in February, I couldn't resist using her bike instead of my Grace MX2 Urban, aka, 2015's coolest (see: Grace MX2 - the coolest). Since late August when I got my MX2, I drove over 1000 miles, mostly of daily commute to my company's vanpool & back and for other errants. In that time, I learned how to work the NuVinci hub pretty well to keep up with traffic; however, that takes a lot more energy than what Aida needs with her ST2. Having driven both, I am confident to say that the Bosch mid-drive 350W motor + NuVinci hub is significantly less responsive and efficient than the St2 500W Syno drive motor + Shimano 20-gear drive train. The difference is significant enough that it confers riding the ST2 in Santa Monica's hectic traffic a genuine feeling of safety and confidence that I don't get riding the MX2 in similar conditions.

So, I decided to get my own ST2 at our neighborhood store, Bike Attack Electric+:

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

Ravi Kempaiah

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Beautiful couple and what's better than riding together on an eBike? :) :)
Have to concur with your observations. Right now, it's one of the best bikes for commuting purpose or general riding on roads/paved surfaces.
The shop looks very cool. Have fun :)


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Just curious - how tall is your wife? Does she have any problem with the step-thru model with her height?
She is 5.6" and indeed, the 17" Step-thru model has a standover clearance that, although not as high as that of a comparable 17" men's frame, is still fairly high thus requiring some innovative lady gymnastics to get on & off the bike. With the body float seatpost, the bike is a bit too tall at stops; however, the ride quality is definitely worth the annoyance of the on & off boarding process.