ST3 errors E210202, E21020E, E210207


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Beyond frustrated with Stromer.

Started with a ST2 S, which went through a slew of cable failures, repairs, and out of pocket expenses over a period of 8 months or so. That ST2 S was replaced with a ST3, only for that ST3 to brick the day after I received it. The bricked ST3 was replaced with a new ST3, which is now experiencing the above errors after 600 miles of easy biking over this past 6 months. I'm over Stromer. Final straw is my bike has been sitting in my shop 3 weeks now with zero response from Stromer on how to fix.

I couldn't possibly recommend Stromer to anyone in good conscious unless they go to REI with their year refund policy because good luck getting back full value from Stromer or the original purchasing bike shop.

Anyway, if anyone knows what these errors mean I would be very appreciative.


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It’s an overpriced inferior product for people (with big egos) who have no clue about ebikes Or Quality Bikes and QUALITY CONTROL and want to show off their purchase.
Yes ,some work, but many do not.
I had to say it , so that when another one or many googles Stromer he won’t fell into a trap as many did before and never come out of the black hole...