ST3 vs ST5

I have an ST2 and love it. I have had almost no issues in 3 years. I just upgrade to the new OMNI under the upgrade program that Stromer offered. All is good.

However, I am intrigued by some of the new features of the ST3 and ST5 and am considering upgrading to the new bikes. My concern with the ST5 is the integrated handlebar. While it looks great, it seems to be a disadvantage to not have the ability to upgrade it. And since the fork is aluminum (I don't want a shock fork), I'm worried about a hard ride from bumps.

The ST3 (on the other hand) I could get replace the handlebars with Baramind bars to improve the ride.

So my question is this: Why should I get the ST5 over the ST3?

Note: I am not interested in any responses from anyone that has not been a Stromer owner. It is annoying the amount of threads that get hijacked by haters within the Stromer forum.
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Ravi Kempaiah

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Stromer is or was offering free battery upgrade as part of the spring sale to promote sales during the pandemic.

You could switch to a nicer handler, you get rear rack built-in and you save $2500. Are Di2 shifter and M99 Pro worth that much, it is something you have to decide.


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The ST3 (on the other hand) I could get replace the handlebars with Baramind bars to improve the ride.
The ST5 is the ultimate high speed commuter bike. With never seen before acceleration, fittet with shifting and lighting on highest level.

But this is not your riding style. You put comfort over direct control. In this case, the ST3 with the various stem / handlebar combination is the right buy.


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I have had almost all versions of Stromers from the sport model with throttle through st2s, I am waiting for my next bike , WattWagon. I have had repair issues on all of them and worse dealer response , most of the dealers blamed Stromer USA. I didn’t pay Stromer I paid the dealers so it got ugly more than a few times... I would speak to the repair shop you will be using and get their opinions also...hope you get a good bike!


I'm an ST5 owner. ST5 has a more powerful motor and battery. I commute 25 miles/day so its really nice to have the flexibly to ride in S mode without worrying about running out of juice. Also electronic shifting is a dream, its one of those things you don't think you need until you have it. Its a fair point about the handle bars but they fit me well so its a matter of your priorities. Also your color options are limited to the silver for the ST5 but for me personally its the best looking bike in the line up. I've got a body float on mine and haven't felt the need for the front shock because the fat tires help a lot with the bumps. Let us know what you decide!
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