Starting a build - 2 Issues


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I am just starting a build with a Bafang middrive motor. Putting into a Giant Trance full suspension bike. Right off the bat I am seeing 2 issues.
1. The bottom bracket is a pressfit style. So the diameter of the bottom bracket is larger that the shaft of the motor that goes thru the bracket. Looks like I need to come up with some sort of adapter or bushing for that. Any recommendations on where I would find something?

2. The bottom bracket measures 77mm, so I ordered the 74-100mm motor kit. But when I slide this in thru the bracket there are not enough threads on the shaft to be able to tighten it all the way down. The kit came with a bunch of spacers, but is seems like if I use these the motor will be even harder to tighten down enough so it doesn't rotate. I am wondering if anyone has been through this. Ideally I would find a tap the same size and add more threads to the shaft but this is much larger than anything I have.

Thanks for any help


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Which middrive are you dealing with BBSHD yeah? A guy I have seen on the trails awhile back had a Giant Stance with a BBSHD so I know it can work. Big issue I see with using that bike is the motor will be hanging down and just waiting to catch on a rock, stump etc. I know luna makes some adadpters for pressfits. You might need the 100mm motor and shim as required either drive side or non. Dont fret you'll get it, most builds are a build as you go. Chainstay obstruction, chainline no good etc. Welcome to the world of build it yourself. You still got issues PM me and I can give you my Ph# and I can walk you through it. Good luck.


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Thanks for the advice, I can see where this will be a build as you go process. I did find an adapter on Luna but might try something different 1st.
I will let you know if I get into a bind. Thanks for the help