Stealth bomber style bike


I’ve got a imported bomber style bike, it has a battery problem, which can probably be fixed with a new bms and a balance charge, but I’ve not for the time to invest in it anymore.

I’ve had it a year, it worked fine for 6 months. The frame, wheels and all shocks are in good conditions, brakes are brand new, Bluetooth controller only 45a, 3000w rear hub motor etc etc.

It’s been a fun project and will be a great project for someone who either knows their batteries and fixes the current one ( it’s 72v 20s 10p) or some buys a new 72v puts it in and has some fun then sells it on etc. If you are a speed demon, then plenty of high power controllers can be fitted too, sabivtion etc.

I’ll answer question as best I can, and add more pictures if required.

I’m in Fife Scotland, it will fit in a large car if the wheels are taken off and I’ll help the buyer in anyway I can, I’ve just moved on to other projects and I could do with the space in my garage again, as more toys have now arrived, as you see in other posts on this forum :)

I’m looking for £1650 Ono.


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