Step off the Sidelines and Jump on the High-tech Ebike Craze

Maybe you've seen them on your city's streets. Or, perhaps you've seen them on bike paths or trails. Affordable electric ebikes are showing up everywhere. They're fun, environmentally friendly, and economical. Hit the road with the newest technology in electrical bicycle motoring.

Ebikes in History and Now
The idea of electric bicycles dates back to the 1880s and 1890s. Today, ebikes are becoming more practicable and affordable. Benefits of an ebike include:
  • Battery-powered pedal-assist reduces the stress and strain on knees and thighs
  • Cover more miles with less effort
  • Improve your fitness
  • Reduce expenses on gas and car repairs
  • And more
Affordable transportation is the future of travel. More and more people are discovering the advantages of affordable electric ebikes for commuting and adventure riding.

Calling All Bike Lovers
There is a wide variety of styles available, including:
  • Dual battery with fat tires for mountain biking and trails
  • All-terrain with full suspension
  • Step-through folding electric tricycles
  • Commuter fat tire
  • Foldable step-through
  • And many more
Stand-up motor scooters deliver speed and distance with a battery that ensures long life and excellent performance.

What We Offer
Click the link below to discover the wide range of models and designs we offer, including:
  • Electric Mountain Bike/Electric Fat Bike/Electric Beach Cruiser
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Electric Folding Bike/Electric Cargo Bike/Electric Hunting Bike
  • And more
Call or Click Today
For more information about affordable electric ebikes and how to get your own, visit eunorau online at or call (702) 601-5552.


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Or on the other hand you could use a good bike that does not look eclectic. These superior bikes out run and out last the cheep Junkers. And $11000 bikes from stores. Initial costs are less and long term maintenance cost are less. Besides, good bikes are just more fun. We all know that fat tire hub drives suck. Go for a mid-drive with a torque sensor. Make it clean, chopping off ugly wires and connectors.


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George S.

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Eunorau is definitely a very interesting company. A lot of Chinese companies blur the ownership. Eunorau is clear about who they are. And there seem to be a lot of Chinese ebike companies, just from what I get from Google Ads. I've looked at the Eunorau site dozens of times. They are a good source for DIY motors. Eunorau is partnered with Bafang, and it isn't really clear where Bafang is going with the DIY market. Bafang has kind of boxed out TongSheng, with the patent injunctions. Where does that go? Then there is CYC, which is also Chinese. I guess the best US mid-drive company is? Golly, I give up. The super easy to install Cyclone?

I have a BBS02 and I make LFP battery packs with cells from China. But, the deal is, I don't know if the BBS02 with an open architecture is going to be around. Where do we go to ask a question of Bafang, or their partner Eunorau. I like the bikes that Eunorau sells, but now they are partnered with Bafang, and where are they going with DIY mid-drives.

Rad Power keeps talking about how much money they have, Investment capital from Wall Street. But they aren't saying they will spend money on a US ebike motor. Bafang started a battery company, developed a new two speed hub, and has a lot of new mid-drives. Plus the factory in Poland. This after Bafang went public and raised capital in China. Who are the real capitalists? Isn't this a tad ironic?

How do you get into a discussion with Bafang? Does Eunorau really want to participate in this forum, or is it just free advertising? Bafang doesn't seem very transparent. They make a great drive, but now what? They say they are a DIY company, but then they lock down the battery in the new system. What happens to the basic BBS02 version? What does the Eunorau tie to Bafang really mean? I've just about given up on Bafang. I'll go back to a hub drive if I don't like where they are going. This is actually a serious forum, built brick by brick by a serious man. What does Eunorau really want?

Eunorau and Bafang.png


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Who are the other 3 approved sellers?
Based on the calls taken from Eunorau customers over the last 2 years they’re not any more helpful than Bafang. They stopped providing any repair parts for BBSxx motors prior to the B versions of BBS01 BBS02.
they were both useless when the firmware wouldn’t let the motor run a 52v battery and we’re never solving the rotor shaft failure solution. Doug at California eBike sorted a fix that made the current BBSHD rotor backwards compatible.