Step-Thru first impressions


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My Step-Thrus arrived the day before I headed to camp, so I just now had a chance to ride them around a bit. This is my first e-bike, so it took a little getting used to.

Fist, this is by far the best fit for my 5'2" frame of any bike I have ridden since I stopped growing. With the seat all the way down, I did not teeter at a stop like I do with adult bikes, or cramp my legs like I do on a kid's bike.

I rode at night. The headlight will need tightening, as it drops when I hit a bump. The reflective tires look like they are lit up, they reflect so brightly. Love having a tail light.

My rear brakes are rubbing on both bikes, I will need to adjust.

I don't know if this is typical for an ebike or not, but the pedal assist has about a second lag at start, which is ok with me, I can use the throttle if need be to help that along. But itthen persists after I stop pedaling for maybe half a second or more. This is really annoying when I want to coast to slow down instead of brake, or am pedalling slowly in a tight area. I find myself turning on and off pedal assist a lot to avoid crashing into my partner if we are close.

There is some engine and what I guess is wheel noise. I will see about tuning the wheels to see if that helps.

It is a lot of fun to ride. My town is on a slope, so I am zipping about town much easier than I have in the past on a bike. I will need to decide on a lock for them so I can ride on grocery runs! After about an hour ride, I still had full bars on my battery. I hope to take it out on our 23+ mile River Mountain Loop Trail this weekend, which will be a good range test.


Summertown, TN
I don't know if this is typical for an ebike or not, but the pedal assist has about a second lag at start
It's normal for cadence based ebikes to have a lag on starting and when you quit pedaling. If the lag when stopping pedaling is an issue, you can just tap the brakes enough for the motor cutoff to engage.