Stolen eBike Alert - Easy Motion Neo Carbon

Ravi Kempaiah

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I received this message from a BH dealer and so sad to see this.
Please inform this person if you see anyone looking to purchase a charger or a key or a console.

[message attached]

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Ravi, remember I'm new to this, so the removable controllers are all "dumb"
keys and if you have a BH controller it works on any BH bike? How much more
cost would it add to the bike if a new controller was blank, and upon purchase each owner was given a unique passcode, ridiculous in length, but once programmed that bike only recognized that code or wouldn't work? You wouldn't have to put the code in after the first time, but in this case the bike is useless (powerless) without the controller, and only the true owner has that code (hopefully in a lockbox somewhere) that could be put into another blank. Maybe word would get around the thieves community, and the value they received for this stolen property would be greatly diminished. I don't know I feel very bad for this guy, I know how pissed I would be.



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From someone who has pretty bad reliability issues w/his bikes...becomes another fail point (that tech support cant fix)

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Speaking of keys, are the keys on Easy Motion bikes unique or do they all use the same key. I can find this out easily but thought you might know.

Ravi Kempaiah

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This is a nightmare situation that every ebiker wants to avoid.
I always park my bike somewhere in the corner of a restaurant or grocery store but things like can easily happen.

86 et al., Keys are all unique to each Easy Motion Bike but the console is not. You can purchase a new console if you break your existing ones. 2015 models will have an option to include upgraded GPS tracker but no official confirmation yet.

As Clark pointed out, it would be good to have a unique code for each bike and may be some other features like "park mode" where the motor heavily resists any kind of motion and makes it harder to ride without the assist.
I will send this out to BH technical rep.
Thanks guys.