Straps and gaiters to keep your pants and ankles clean bicycling

Ravi Kempaiah

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This is an auxiliary accessory for preventing your trousers/pants from getting dirty, especially if you do not have a chainring guard. My bike will not have the chainring guard and if there are no grooves to install a guard then I am planning to purchase one of these trouser straps.

Brooks also has leather straps but some people think it is too short. For those who are truly eco-conscious, straps made from recycled bike tubes.



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Neat find Ravi! These almost look like gaiters we use for snowshoeing or fishing. It's a neat idea, not just to keep the water and dirt off but also to keep your pants from flaring out towards the ankle and rubbing against a dirty chain guard. Pretty much all of my pants have snags near the ankle cuff from bike testing ;)

I was exploring the ones you posted and found these other leg shield pant straps that have a reflective strip built in for safety or come in "tennis ball" bright fluorescent yellow (see below). Hopefully they wouldn't cut off circulation in your calf muscle when pedaling? I've noticed my muscles swell up a lot when riding hard.


A while back I purchased the simple velcro ankle strap with reflectors built in for safety and to avoid snags. They're meant to be some kind of pant leg band cuff clip but they don't provide nearly as much coverage as these larger strap things do.


Not surprisingly I went with another Ravi find and ordered the trouser protectors; they should arrive tomorrow. I'll let everyone know how they perform.


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Thanks for showing these. :)

I wear waterproof Sealskinz socks, which are fine except that they have a big flaw. The hole where you feet go in. :)

The water hits your legs, runs down them, then fills the socks. It's horrid.