Street or less rolling resistance Replacment tires? for the fat rims

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Hey...I'm wondering if you know approximately how wide the inside width of the Yukon rims are ?? I can't find it anywhere I've looked ...I'm thinking of putting smoother tires...or smaller width with a road strip for less rolling resistance on my wife's bike.

That's another thing I'm looking narrow of a tire can I go with on the Yukon rim width...3" tire?..or a .2.5"tire??

Right now the Yukon 750 has 559 or 26" x 4" Kenda Juggernaut. The reason I'm looking into because there are so many options for a dual purpose road strip knobby tire with less resistance on the market with a 2.5" up to the 3.5" width tire. I would then have a choice.

Thanks in advance....So much help on here.

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I think this is a good question and might draw more input if placed in the "general" section if you don't get the answers you're after here.


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Hi, I have a Mariner, I change my tires for "Vee Tire 20x4.0 Speedster Junior Fat Tire". I find them very good on city road pavement.