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I would caution anyone from buying a bike direct from Prodeco. I own two Mariner 7's that I purchased through a bike shop, and was happy with them. Giving these bikes to grandchildren and needing step-through models, I purchased two Stride 500's directly from Prodeco. M.C., senior national account manager, was happy to take my order on Aug 25, 2017 and instantly charge my credit card. He suggested by bikes would be shipped within a week. On Aug. 29 I called because I had no tracking number nor even an invoice. He sent me an invoice with a shipping date of Sept 1. The bikes finally shipped Sept 22, after I threatened cancelling my order and disputing the credit card charge (I stress the need to use a credit card such as AMEX which allows charges to be disputed and money refunded). Others at Prodeco promised delivery dates but did not follow through: D.A., vp business development and L.C.

The bikes finally arrived. The Stride 500 has a Promax 25.4 Cruise 600mm adjustable Handlebar which requires a 6mm t-handle wrench to attach to the frame. (Neither the manual nor "quick start guide" have been updated to show this handlebar.) This critical tool is missing. Attempting to ride the bike without sufficiently tightening the handle bar is potentially life-threatening. Contacting the online support about this went unanswered. I had to threaten a BBB formal complaint before the tool was finally shipped. However, the e-mail confirming shipment stated "The tools were shipped this morning. It was not an easy task as they were discontinued 2 years ago, but we did find them and got them in for your bikes. 2 #6 allen head full size tools were sent." So even though this tool is necessary and specified in the assembly instructions, Prodeco does not apparently intend to include it. I have filed a safety complaint with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on this issue.

On a related issue, I believe it took my negative BBB review to get them to ship a replacement battery, ordered before my new bikes, for my Mariner 7. Prodeco bikes are well-built (if heavy) and are entry-level priced. Purchasing through a dealer who has them in stock may be appropriate, but consider the poor customer support and long delay in getting parts.

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@dabanasa, Prodeco Tech is not required to ship tools with the bikes as these are common metric allen wrenches, 6mm. Those can be found at any hardware shop or online. Our shop does not get the tools when we order their bikes either. As for the September delay, perhaps a major Hurricane passing directly through their new plant, about 2 weeks after they moved their production facility should be fair reason for delay. A lot of businesses in southern Florida experienced major damage and definitely delays getting power back on and production resumed. Please have a little understanding, particularly since this all happened just after they moved.

I hope that everything is working well with the 2 Stride 500's now; those are very easy to hop on with the low step design. They're a popular model with many of our customers. Also understand that Prodeco Tech doesn't have a warehouse full of already built ebikes; they build them there on site. Depending upon the parts availability, some models are ready to go; many require a couple of days or so before shipping. The nice part about that is you aren't buying a bike that sat on a shelf for 6 months or more. Having a good relationship with a local ebike shop will be helpful to keeping your Stride 500's in good shape so you both can enjoy a lot of happy miles of riding.