Stromer 500w motor vs new TQ 250 watt? Experience??


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Comparing a Stromer 500 watt (ST2-S) to a Trek
TQ 250 watt mid ??
Anybody experience both?

I just tested a Trek TQ mtn bike…TQ, weighs 20 pounds less so expected decent performance.
I thought the acceleration and performance were well below my expectations…
The TQ was quiet and smooth, but whimpy power

I was most interested in TQ motor as their 2023 Trek Domane + E bike weighs just 26 pounds and
uses the 250 watt motor. It is teeny tiny motor!

Would Trek Domane be able to cruise at 28 mph like the Stromers????

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I think the Trek might be able for a bit of time, but it's going to rely on rider power far more than the Stromer. I think the Stromer has so much power and such a big battery that most people would be able to cruise at 28 mph.

But on the Domane+, I think it would take a reasonably fit cyclist to cruise at 28 mph for more than a couple of minutes.

Now, I'm just guessing and have no direct experience. But I have a Specialized Creo. I live in Canada so mine is limited to 32 km/hr which is 20 mph. It takes some work to keep it at 32 km/hr, so I imagine even harder to keep the Domane+ at 28 mph, despite the TQ being a big more powerful than the SL motor in the Creo.