Stromer Customer Service - above and beyond!


That Stromer ST1 warranty is pretty good but they went above and beyond the call of duty for me. I had a simple maintenance issue that I tried to address myself. I really messed things up. I contacted Stromer in San Diego, explained what happened and asked for an appropriate dealer that could help me and they gave me the name of a place to contact in Northern California (great bike mechanics but maybe not electricians). The dealer tried hard to address. Stromer contacted me a few days later and asked for an update and I told them the dealer was still trying. Stromer called up the dealer to see how they could help. After a week of working together to try to fix, I was informed they were sending a replacement. I thought it would be a replacement hub, but instead it was a replacement bike! The dealer took off all my personalized gadgets on the old bike and installed on the new. The price tag was $0!! I was prepared to eat a large bill and was shocked with how Stromer and the dealer handled this. I am speechless with how the Stromer folks went out of their way to make sure I had a working Stromer. The bike was expensive, but it is more than just parts and a great design.