Stromer Platinum Plus as mountain bike


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Hello all. I purchased my Stromer Platinum Plus about a month ago and your forum was quite helpful in couching my perspective. I didn’t find much material about the Stromer being used off road (though the sticker says for off-road use only which was removed on day one :) ) so I thought I’d give back to this forum with my thoughts.

As you see in the photo, I made a half effort to duplicate my mountain bike and when researching my purchase, narrowed my selection to the Stromer and the Neo Jumper, two very different machines.

The Neo, being a fully suspended bike handled like a mountain bike, was lighter, took to curbs better but ultimately, I elected the Stromer for its top speed, range and reviews. In purchasing the Stromer, I knew I wasn’t going to take it aggressive off roading and through water but perhaps mild trails and fire roads.

You may notice modifications made to my Stromer with the optional Suntour front suspension, Thudbuster, Specialized Ground Control tires with flat liner installed, then little things like the pedals/toe clips, handle bar lowering for a bit more aggressive position, removal of chain ring guard (didn’t like the look) and it was off to the trails…..

Bottom line, I’ll keep my Stromer on pavement. It’s too heavy for quick handling, pogos on mild bumps, I hear a lot of rattling down below on mild washboards and fear I’ll beat this bike to an early visit for service/repair if I keep this up. I also figure my bike would not appreciate dust and dirt working its way into the hub or wherever.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this bike for its intended purpose on the road and it puts a smile on my face every time I take it out but wanted to share this view if anyone was considering this bike for extended mild off roading; don’t and get a bike designed for it.

Btw, I enjoyed finding the codes on this site which allowed me to customize the power/responsiveness option – it was invaluable as the dealer set was not to my liking and I would not have known I had that option to adjust it. Thanks!

Happy riding all


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My 50 lbs Haibike is the most I would ever take on single track, would not want to go any heaver. at 5i0 lbs it is hard to push up hill, pick a line, and often loses traction going up hill on roots and takes some skill to recover. I would rather have a 40 lbs bike and forgo the rear suspension. The weight is a killer.

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I have a tendency to be hard on my mountain bike. With that being said I have a hard time using my Stromer( $3400) for mountain biking use.

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Stromer in my humble opinion are like the tanks of ebikes, great on hard surfaces but meant to be driven more deliberately offroad. I don't think that they were designed with mountain biking in mind, but more for efficient commutes with some light trail included. I really liked the Stromers I test rode and still think it is one of the best purpose built ebikes on the market.