Stromer Power Plug Cap

Did your Stomer come with a power port plug cap?

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Do Stromer bikes usually come with a power port plug cap? In a manual picture, it shows removing the cap, but all the "live" pictures of the Stromers I've seen don't show one. I just bought rain covers and plan to ride all weather. At a minimum, I'll put some electrical tape over the plug, especially as the bike will be stored in the garage and I'll charge the battery in the house so it'll be stored warmer.

Well, anyway, mine didn't come with a cap, but I figured I'd search if anyone talked about them or sold them online. I found someone had made his own 3D printed version and shared the CAD drawing. I uploaded it to a place that will print parts for a fee. Once I get it, I'll post the results here. Total cost was just under $10 (more than half the cost was shipping).
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I believe thenST2 is the only unit with a cap, mine fell off 1st month.


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I have an St2 , and mine did not come with a cap on charger. Very important to have the magnet covered when not in use. I found a rubber a cap in my shop that fit snugly on end. Just set it to the side and replace after charging. Without a cap an object could be adhered to end when plugged into battery , I found a penny stuck on there one time, which would cross the poles of battery. Not recommended for a $1,000 battery.


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My stromer elite doesn't have a cap..In fact I've never even looked at that receptacle in 2 years.
Well, I've ordered all-weather gear to wear and plan to ride rain or shine. I did this 10 years ago when I owned a motorcycle and took service calls that had me travelling 90 minutes - 2 hours often, plenty of times during the rain. Now, I'll be ebiking to/from work 11 miles round-trip, so not worried about it at all from the standpoint of risk and knowing how to deal with it. I'm planning to sell the second family vehicle (paid for, but getting long in the tooth and having more maintenance issues) and will be saving on insurance (how I justified an ebike). So, I need to waterproof this baby. Not planning to aim for puddles, but it'll happen.